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Shoe Size___________________________

Pants Size_____________________________

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Bust Size (women)____________________________


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                                                                                    Preferred Hair Style____________________________________

                                                                                    $50 fee paid today                yes                     no                   circle one   

                                                                                    Category                  men       women         kids           junior             kids     

Please note that if you are chosen there will be a $50 fee to cover your hair, make-up, shoes, clothes, handbags, wallet, jewelry, neckties, cuff links and etc. If you are not able to make your payment today you will have 5 days from the day of inquiring with me to make that payment. If you are not able to make that payment or do not make that payment then you will be dropped from the show. Please remember that if you are not chosen there is always a possibility that we may use or need you as a fill in if anyone is not able to make it. Note that all the clothing, accessories, handbags, make-up and etc that you will be modeling you will be KEEPING, so that is what the $50 is goes towards. The only thing is that I need you all to tag and post me on all of your social sites and inviting your fellow comrades to shop and follow. So hopefully you all are ready to have a great show. Thank you in advance.

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